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Cayrels Ring

Cayrels Ring

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By Shannon W. Lentz, Justin Zimmerman, Marian Churchland, Alchemichael, Dustin Weaver,  Francis Vigneault, Simon Roy, Cassie Hart, Aaron Petovello, John Le, Pablo Clark. Published by A Wave Blue World. 

Hardcover, 136 pages, Colour, 2020

Humanity colonized the distant galaxy, Cayrels Ring, a thousand years ago, but they’ve only now begun to discover its secrets. After learning that the tech he invented to help further mankind’s exploration has caused an unforeseen wave of danger and death, elderly scientist Jamitch Taylee orders a planet-wide evacuation leading to the loss of his daughter. Decades later, he embarks on a desperate search for his long-lost granddaughter, Nella. This personal mission sets in motion a galaxy-spanning adventure, weaving stories of human conquest, ingenuity, loss, and love from across Cayrels Ring.


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