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Castle in the Sky (Vinyl)

Castle in the Sky (Vinyl)

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*This is not a comic! But you can listen to it while you read comics!

By Joe Hisaishi. Produced by Studio Ghibli. 

Vinyl LP, 2018 (Castle in the Sky released 1986)

This album was created before the soundtrack, and is based on the image of Laputa given to Joe Hisaishi from director Hayao Miyazaki and producer Isao Takahata.

  1. Castle In The Sky
  2. Pigeons and Boys
  3. Miner
  4. Flying Stone
  5. Dora
  6. Theta and Paso
  7. Big Tree
  8. Flapter
  9. Dragon's Hole
  10. Fortress of Tidis
  11. Theta and Paso
  12. Lost Paradise
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