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Cartoon Saloon's Irish Folklore Trilogy (Blu-ray)

Cartoon Saloon's Irish Folklore Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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*This is not a comic! But Kilkenny really does produce the prettiest films.

By Tomm Moore (and Ross Stewart, Wolfwalkers) Produced by Cartoon Saloon.

3 Blu-ray discs, 79min, 94min, 103min, 2008, 2014, 2020

Magic, fantasy and Celtic mythology come to life in Cartoon Saloon’s celebrated Irish Folklore Trilogy, featuring three Academy Award®-nominated* modern animated classics. The studio’s first film, The Secret of Kells, which beautifully tells the tale of a young monk whose life is changed forever when he learns the secrets of the Book of Kells. Followed by the breathtakingly gorgeous Song of the Sea, which recounts the adventure of a mythical seal-child and her brother on a quest to find home. Finally the triumphant Wolfwalkers delves into the friendship between a young huntress and a free-spirited wolf-girl.


The Secret of Kells
• Audio Commentary with Filmmakers
• Cuilin Dualach short film
• Deleted Scenes
• Storyboard Comparison with Line Test
• Compositing
• Digital Ink & Paint
• Effects
• Trailer

Song of the Sea
• Audio Commentary with Filmmakers
• Behind the Scenes
• The Art of Song of the Sea
• Animation Tests
• Trailer

• Audio Commentary with Filmmakers
• Voicing Wolfwalkers
• The Music of Wolfwalkers
• Behind “Running With The Wolves”
• Wolfwalkers 2020 Comic-Con Panel
• Trailers

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