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Bubbles #9

Bubbles #9

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Edited by Brian Baynes. Published by Bubbles.

Softcover, 56 pages, B&W, 2021.

Bubbles #9 is 56 pages long, black and white and includes:
- Interview with Simon Hanselmann
- Interview with Annie Koyama
- Interview with Jasper Jubenvill
- Bubbles Readers Best of 2020
- Article: Tezuka's Ten Cents: A look into the American comics collection of Tezuka Osamu by Ryan Holmberg
- Article: Lale Westvind's Grip: Nonviolent Action and the Art of Work by Kenneth Oravetz
- Article: (Re)Introducing Tezuka Osamu Part 1 by James Bradshaw
- Article: Emotion + Technology in Tandem: The Comics of Sophia Foster-Dimino by Tyler Meese
- Article: A King-Cat Appreciation by Jeff Alford
- Comics by E.S. Glenn & Audra Stang
- Comic Reviews

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