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*Excerpts from this book are also available as a mini-comic.

By Jillian Tamaki. Published by Drawn & Quarterly. 

Softcover, 248 pages, Colour, 2017. 


Jenny becomes obsessed with a strange "mirror Facebook," which presents an alternate, possibly better, version of herself. Helen finds her clothes growing baggy, her shoes looser, and as she shrinks away to nothingness, the world around her recedes as well. The animals of the city briefly open their minds to us, and we see the world as they do. A mysterious music file surfaces on the internet and forms the basis of a utopian society–or is it a cult?

Boundless is at once fantastical and realist, playfully hinting at possible transcendence: from one’s culture, one’s relationship, oneself. This collection of short stories is a showcase for the masterful blend of emotion and humour of award-winning cartoonist Jillian Tamaki.

Praise for Boundless

Jillian Tamaki boldly emerges as a new titan of the comics medium... The whole endeavor feels like Adrian Tomine meets Jorge Luis Borges, while also feeling like nothing we’ve seen before.


An ambitious and eclectic set of tales ... In Boundless, Tamaki tackles subtle shifts in emotion, identity, and power.

The Atlantic

Revelatory... Tamaki has delivered an essential collection of truly modern fiction in comics form.

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Tamaki's voice shines throughout this masterpiece... as she effortlessly blends love and pain, fantasy and reality.

Nylon Magazine

Jillian Tamaki's short comics are propelled by contemporary phenomena... but such elements never seem to shackle Boundless to the present. Tamaki's existential wistfulness lifts text messages and memes into the realm of archetype [with] inventive, versatile art.

NPR Best Books of 2017

Restlessly versatile… Boundless collects short stories that are so far apart from one another in tone and technique that they could almost pass for the work of entirely different artists.

New York Times Book Review

Funny, absurd, and occasionally just pecular, it's sure to be one of the year's best story collections - graphic or otherwise.

National Post

Unsettling yet oddly exhilarating... What’s truly arresting about the book is how its strange episodes float in the half-visible, shimmery cusp between deeper meaning and banality. It’s this delicate liminality that allows Tamaki’s odder scenarios, which in hammier hands might seem too self-consciously trippy, to communicate a subtle, intimate sense of the dangers of everyday personhood... Tamaki’s inextricable tones of dark humor and oddly bright sadness linger with the reader, uncontained by the arbitrary limits of the book’s covers. Both, it seems, are infinite.

Los Angeles Review of Books

In addition to serving as a showcase for her lush, expressive art, this collection highlights Tamaki’s.... incisive examinations of nostalgia, consumption, process, notions of self and, of course, the internet.

The Guardian, The 20 comics to watch out for in 2017

Each story is as indelible as it is singular [and] so beautifully told that after a while you begin to feel that Tamaki... is capable of almost anything. And perhaps she is.

The Guardian

A fantastical and surreal look at modern life, in gorgeous pencil sketch.


[Jillian Tamaki] dazzles with her impressive range in this collection...Lush, vibrant, and packed with emotion.

Entertainment Weekly
One of CBC Books' 2017 Spring Preview

Jillian Tamaki's finely hewn tales read like transmissions from a parallel universe just as lonely as our own, but in a more beautifully felt, hilariously ephemeral way. These are precious stories, stories to fall into like an odd dream you left too soon.

Alexandra Kleeman

Boundless feels at one time wholly of this moment and otherworldly, presenting a reality that’s tilted slightly off its axis. Her evocative drawings are intimate, energetic, in moments loose and casual, in others tight and finely rendered.

Nina Maclaughlin, Boston Globe

Oblique yet memorable...This is spooky stuff; like the best visual storytellers, Tamaki has the knack of giving us just enough visual and narrative information to hint at much larger mysteries while leaving them mostly unsolved.

Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

A profoundly honest, bittersweet picture of human nature, made all the more haunting by her enchanting artwork.

Booklist, Starred Review

Jillian Tamaki seems capable of drawing anything, in any style, and making it appear effortless. Her writing could be described in the same way, and it's thrilling to see those twin skills of hers united in service of these daring, unpredictable, and quietly strange stories.

Adrian Tomine, author of Killing and Dying
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