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Bottoms Up! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom

Bottoms Up! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom

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By various contributors. Edited by J.T Yost. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

Softcover, 256 pages, B&W, 2017.

"BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom" is an anthology collecting real stories of bottoming out from alcoholism, drug dependency, sex addiction, body dysmorphia, pornography addiction and more. These stories have been adapted into comics by a team of incredibly talented and diverse cartoonists.

Contributors include:
- Josh Bayer (title page)
- Haleigh Buck
- Kevin Budnik
- Josh Burggraf
- Max Clotfelter
- Peter S. Conrad
- Nate Doyle
- Rachel Dukes
- Chad Essley
- Mike Freiheit
- Tatiana Gill
- Danny Hellman (back cover)
- Jordan Jeffries
- Gideon Kendall
- Victor Kerlow
- Brendan Kiefer
- Sara Lautman
- Lizz Lunney
- Daniel McCloskey
- Chris Monday
- Fred Noland
- Adam Pasion
- Ben Passmore (front cover)
- Simon Petersen
- Summer Pierre
- John Porcellino
- Gillian Rhodes
- Matt Rota
- Kevin Scalzo
- Holly Simple
- Karl Stevens
- Michael Sweater
- Meghan Turbitt
- Noah Van Sciver
- Elaine M. Will
- Jess Worby
- George Wylesol
- Adam Yeater
- J.T. Yost

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