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By Daniel Touchet. Self Published.

Softcover, 205 pages, B&W, 2021

Abandon all hope for a plot, ye who enter here.

Daniel Touchet’s Bone-Head is a six-panels-and-a-gag (mostly) wordless comic strip about a goofy idiot (with a literal bone protruding from the top of his head) that is unapologetically silly, frequently rude, occasionally lewd, and… something-something like a dude.

This collection of comic strips will touch on many things, brushing up against questions big and small, but answering none.

Good for a chuckle, raised eyebrow, and head-scratching! Come for the jokes, stay for the bewilderment! Leave a copy in your bathroom! The laughs (or convulsions) may help keep your life more “regular.”


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