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Blaze Beyond the Pale

Blaze Beyond the Pale

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By Aaron Losty. Self Published. 

Softcover, 116 pages, Colour, 2022. 

My new graphic novel Blaze Beyond The Pale is a coming-of-age drama about Friendship, Fear and Finglas. The story follows teenaged Willo and Harry on their last night of banter together before they part ways for college. But their night is soon overshadowed by a series of fires that are breaking out across Finglas.

As the night unfolds and the fires continue, Willo and Harry grow increasingly worried that the fires are linked to them.

The night soon unravels and their paranoia rises as more questions are asked of their relationship and their home town.

Blaze Beyond The Pale is a 116 page, full colour graphic novel, with Script, Art and Colours by Aaron Losty and Letters and Design by Becca Carey.

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