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Black Women in History

Black Women in History

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By Charlot Kristensen. Self Published.

Softcover, 24 pages, Colour, 

This full colour, 24 page book offers a unique insight into the lives of 9 prominent black women and their achievements throughout history. Totally underrepresented in the world of arts, the characters are portrayed in a very dramatic, vivid and heroic way.

Bessie Brave
Aida Overton Walker
Queen Nanny
Harriet Tubman
Stagecoach Mary
Josephine Baker
Mae Jemison
Alice Ball
Toni Morrison

Content Warning: displays mild nudity.

Ideal for young adults and adults

W 21 cm
H 19.56 cm

Saddle Stitched Book.
Cover paper: Paper Stock - 300gsm uncoated
Inner paper: Paper Stock - 140gsm uncoated

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