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Big Ugly

Big Ugly

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By Ellice Weaver. Published by Avery Hill Publishing. 

Hardcover, 128 pages, Colour, 2023.

Work, health, family -- Mel feels like her life is just circling endlessly as she begins to renew her relationship to her brother in this vibrant graphic novel.

Mel isn’t going anywhere – except to work every day. But when she offers the spare room in her apartment to her struggling brother, everything she loves and hates about wanting to live up to the expectations of her family becomes part of her every day again.

It turns out that even as adults, living with your sibling brings back the dynamics of tween rivalries. As Mel tries to rebalance things with her brother, she navigates how to offer help to someone who doesn’t want to need it.

Renowned illustrator Ellice Weaver brings her crisp artwork to the graphic novel form in this powerful story of contemporary life.

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