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BEANO: Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief

BEANO: Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief

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By Beano Studios, Craig Graham, Mike Sterling and Laura Howell. Published by Farshore.

Softcover, 208 pages, colour, 2023.

Join Minnie for thie next adventure in Beanotown, along with Dennis and Gnasher.

Bash Street have made it through to the knockout stages of Super Epic Turbo Cricket European Tour of Mischief for the first time in forever, and due to a case of mistaken identity owing to a rogue Gnasher racing onto the pitch, Minnie has just been made team captain! This should be amazing news, except Minnie’s parents don’t seem to be happy for her . . . In fact, now that Minnie thinks about it, they haven’t been happy in a long while.

Join Minnie on her mission to cheer up her parents again the best way she knows how: with a Super Epic Turbo PRANK.

Will it work, or will it unearth what’s really going on?

Perfect for kids with parents who are splitting up – or just want to read a mega-funny story!

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