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Beano: How To Draw

Beano: How To Draw

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By Frankie Jones with Emily McGorman-Bruce and Nigel Parkinson. Published by Farshore.

Softcover, 127 pages, Colour, 2019. 

Grab a pencil and draw your very own Beano comic book with this amazing guide!

Are you bursting with comical ideas for a comic? Want to learn how to come up with your own stories and draw them? Well, this is the perfect book for you!

Discover how to draw your favourite Beano characters, come up with an awesome story and then learn how to put it all together into an epic comic strip! Plus, there’s plenty of room to practise on the page and create your own comics at the back.

Learn how to write stories and draw hilarious illustrations to share with your friends or start your own comic diary. This 128-page book is absolutely packed with tips and secrets from Beano's brilliant artists, so you can create your very own Beano comic book!

Beano How To Draw will be available via Farshore on February 1 from all good booksellers and online too!

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