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Bandette, Volume 1: Presto!

Bandette, Volume 1: Presto!

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By Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover. Published by Dark Horse Comics. 

Softcover, 144 pages, Color, 2013.




The world’s greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar by the nome d’arte of Bandette! Gleefully plying her skills on either side of the law alongside her network of street urchins, Bandette is a thorn in the side of both Police Inspector Belgique and the criminal underworld. But it’s not all breaking hearts and purloining masterpieces when a rival thief makes a startling discovery. Can even Bandette laugh off a plot against her life?

Written by Paul Tobin with art by Colleen Coover, Bandette received the Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic in 2013, and again in 2016. It was listed by YALSA as a Great Graphic Novel For Teens in 2014, and again in 2017, and is one of Ezvid Wiki’s 9 Entertaining Comics & Graphic Novels For Young Readers.

Bandette is published first in digital chapters on the cross-platform app Comixology, then compiled in hardcover editions by Dark Horse Comics.


“Panache is as important as anything, both within the confines of the comic and in the way Coover and Tobin work together to create something wonderfully ephemeral.” – Paste

“Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette is something quite special and too uncommon a thing. It is a book born of the desire to bring joy more than anything and it certainly accomplishes that.” – Comics Authority

“Few other comics are full of such charm and joy. Bandette shows how much fun comics can be.” – Comicsgirl

The adventures of Bandette, a young costumed "artful dodger", leader of a group of urchins dedicated to serving justice, except when thieving proves to be a bit more fun.

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