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Baby: A Soppy Story

Baby: A Soppy Story

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By Philippa Rice. Published by Square Peg. 

Hardcover, 108 pages, 2-Colour, 2020. 

BABY: A Soppy Story focuses on the small, everyday moments of parenthood. From dreaming about the future baby and making plans, to actually being there with a real baby and bumbling through each precious day.

From a #1 New York Times best-selling graphic novelist comes BABY, a collection of all new comics and illustrations about the small, intimate moments of a couple expecting their first baby. In this sequel to Soppy: A Love Story, the couple experience many heartwarming moments, as well as challenges, while planning to have a baby, going through pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a newborn.

"Philippa Rice has such a keen eye for extracting levity and grace from those muddled, fleeting moments of becoming a parent. She shows us how to roll with the storm." (Lauren R. Weinstein, cartoonist and author of Girl Stories)

"BABY is incredibly life affirming, and not just because it’s about having a baby. Even when Rice draws herself or her partner at a low point of despair she draws in a way that makes the beauty of their humanity shine through. It’s really an incredible magic trick, and it makes this book an essential read for any parent. Life is difficult, but oh so beautiful.” (James Kochalka, cartoonist and author of the Johnny Boo series)

"Philippa Rice describes pregnancy and life with a newborn in a beautiful, charming style that make the challenges seem manageable and a lot less frightening. Her drawings became my friends and provided a comforting lens to peer through. She is an expert at editing and controlling focus--a master at simplicity. The clarity with which she sees and presents her world is at the heart of what makes this book so soothing and appealing.” (Keiler Roberts, author of Rat Time and Chlorine Gardens)

"This book is so perfect and lovely. These little moments of early parenthood are so universal, while feeling so personal and strange. This book brought back all those early squishy days of laundry and milk and cuddles and tears.” (Lucy Knisley, author of Kid Gloves and Something New)

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