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Art Life

Art Life

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By Catherine Ocelot, translated by Aleshia Jensen. Published by Conundrum Press. 

Softcover, 208 pages, Colour, 2020. 

Winner of the Prix Bédélys (Best comic in Quebec)

Shortlisted for the Quebec booksellers award 2018 in the graphic novel category (Prix des libraires)

Catherine Ocelot wonders about her place as an artist, digging into the layers of what it means to live this Art Life. In her search for answers, she talks with seven artists from different disciplines who express their doubts, their struggles, their ambitions and their sometimes-wise and sometimes-funny observations. The author stages these encounters with finesse and wit, and echoes them with scenes from her own life. Art Life is a tragicomic tale tinged with fantasy that explores the impact of others on oneself, led by an artist who slowly comes to understand herself.

“[Catherine Ocelot] brings us behind the scenes of the creative practice, giving us a glimpse of the hurtles that present themselves along the way. The chapters build on one another in a sort of coming-of-age story where each scene becomes a challenge for the heroine to overcome, whether it’s hoisting herself up a tree, pitching a project to her publisher, or developing a theoretical viewpoint that will get her approach to be taken seriously. But the goal of these tests is perhaps not so much to become a successful artist, but simply to fight the necessary battles and avoid becoming jaded.” — Spirale magazine

About Catherine Ocelot

Catherine Ocelot is a Montreal-based cartoonist originally from Quebec City. Beginning her career at the CBC as a designer and art director, she has collaborated on a variety of television, publishing and, occasionally, performance projects. Her work explores communication: our ways of speaking to one another, and the influence people have on each other. She brings to light the wondrous and sad moments that are woven into the fabric of relationships, with a playful melancholic humour. Art Life is her third book and first in English.

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