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Are You At Risk For “Empathy Myopia”?

Are You At Risk For “Empathy Myopia”?

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By Ezra Clayton Daniels. Self Published

Softcover, 62 pages, Colour, 2019.

Are You at Risk of “Empathy Myopia”? by Ezra Claytan Daniels considers the idea that we subconsciously force our experiences into moral narratives, and that those of us with greater privilege are in danger of blinding ourselves to the humanity of those not of our in group.

Through a methodical five-part essay, Ezra breaks down how we see the world through a narrative lens, how we assume we deserve our station in life, how we believe privilege is earned, how privilege correlates with empathy, and how we might work to break ourselves free from the societal and instinctive influences.

With drawings reminiscent of Jack Chick, this comic is presented almost as a tract that might be handed out on the corner, left on the bus, or sold at a convention after a rousing motivational speech! Surely it encourages consideration, reflection and conversation.

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