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Eachtraí Tintin: An Toileán Dubh

Eachtraí Tintin: An Toileán Dubh

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*This book is in Irish! As you may have guessed. 

By Hergé. Published by Dalén Éireann.

Softcover, 62 pages, colour, (originally published 1938)

Irish-language translation of ‘The Black Island’ from the Tintin series. Tintin and his faithful dog, Báinín, are on a quest to track down a bunch of international money forgers. Amongst them is Dr Müller, soon to be one of Tintin’s most ruthless enemies. Escaping with his life after being shot, Tintin faces further close calls as he unearths clues which lead him to the furthermost isles of Scotland. This is where he discovers the dark legend of An Bhrúid, a monster incarcerated within the ruins Caisleán na Binne Móire on An tOileán Dubh. Ignoring any monstrous tales, Tintin and Báinín take a boat to the island to challenge the legend that lies ahead.

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