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Alice (Blu-ray & DVD)

Alice (Blu-ray & DVD)

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*This is not a comic! It is a very creepy stop motion animated film. Enjoy!

By Jan Švankmajer. Published by BFI

Blu-ray & DVD discs, 86 min, Colour, 1988

Jan Svankmajer’s Alice is a creepy and disturbing adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s original vision. Combining a live-action Alice (Kristyna Kohoutova) with a stop-motion Wonderland filled with threatening, bizarre characters, the film brilliantly marries a sly visual wit with piercing psychological insight. Presented here fully uncut and in its original Czech-language version for the very first time, this comprehensive release also gathers together a selection of rare and fascinating Alice-related short films.

Special features

  • Alternative English-language audio.
  • Alice in Wonderland (1903, 9 minutes): the first film adaptation of Alice.
  • Elsie and the Brown Bunny (1921, 8 minutes, DVD only): Cadbury’s advert.
  • Alice in Label Land (1974, 12 minutes): animated COI film.
  • Stille Nacht II: Are We Still Married? (1992, 3 minutes): the Quay Brothers’ Alice-inspired music film.
  • Stille Nacht IV: Cant Go Wrong Without You (1993, 4 minutes): the white rabbit returns in the second of the Quay Brothers’ music films for His Name is Alive.
  • Fully illustrated booklet.
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