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Alfred Hitchcock Storyboards

Alfred Hitchcock Storyboards

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*I want to list all the storyboard artists credited in the book but it'll take a while! If someone can point me to a list online I'd love to include them all here. 

By Tony Lee Moral. Published by Titan Books. 

Hardcover, 144 pages, Colour and B&W, 2024 (featuring films from the 1930s-1970s)

This stunning coffee table book focuses on the storyboards for nine of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movies – Vertigo, The Birds, Psycho, North by Northwest, The 39 Steps, Torn Curtain, Marnie, Shadow of a Doubt and Spellbound. It includes never before-published images and incisive text putting the material in context and examining the role the pieces played in some of the most unforgettable scenes in cinema. Hitchcock author and aficionado Tony Lee Moral provides a fascinating and illuminating insight into the directorial mind of the Master of Suspense.

Moral is a multi-award-winning British mystery and suspense writer. He has written three books on the works of Alfred Hitchcock: The Making of Hitchcock’s The Birds, Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie and The Young Alfred Hitchcock’s Moviemaking Master Class.

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