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By Blue Delliquanti. Published by Silver Sprocket. 

Softcover, 80 pages, Colour, 2024

Minneapolis, 2021. Curtis is newly out, single, and ready to take his life in a different direction. Anton is an enigmatic young man who recognizes Curtis from their pre-pandemic lives. One casual drink leads to a charged relationship layered with unspeakable needs.

A graphic novella about connection and failure, grief and responsibility, and the effect of world-changing events on the soul of the individual.

Originally published as part of the 2022 ShortBox Comics Fair.


2023 Ignatz Award Nominee for Outstanding Online Comic.

"Subtle, haunting, and deft storytelling that has stuck with me for weeks after finishing the book. Blue is a master craftsman at comics and you don’t want to miss this one; read it twice." – Melanie Gillman, As the Crow Flies

"A swift poem of love and violence, a one-two punch – you won’t know what hit you. Adversary captures complex things about early transition, about coming out, about the isolation and paranoia of 2020, in a way that few creators have been willing to do. Delliquanti has been a cartoonist to watch for a long time, but they’ve become one you have to watch." – Isaac Fellman, Dead Collections

"Delliquanti shows a nuanced hand when it comes to character development, infusing Curtis’s and Anton’s role-playing scenes with sharp eroticism. This complex work rewards multiple readings." – Publishers Weekly

"A grounded erotica that also tells a painfully real story of loss, fear, and frustration in the face of a changing world and tragedy." –WWAC


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