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A Trip to the Top of the Volcano with Mouse

A Trip to the Top of the Volcano with Mouse

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By Frank Viva. Published by Toon Books.

Hardcover, 36 pages, Colour, 2019.

Can we have pizza now? ​Join Mouse and a young explorer as they land in Italy to climb Mount Etna. Best-selling author Frank Viva spells out what’s needed: “walking sticks,” “mountain boots,” “sunglasses,” and much more. “Can we have pizza now?” asks Mouse. “Not now, Mouse.”

From sea to snow, young readers will giggle with delight as they experience an unforgettable journey to one of the world’s most active volcanoes. And as kids TOON into reading, they’ll want to relive Mouse’s magical journey over and over again, getting a taste – if not of pizza – of geology, geography, and history along the way.

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