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A Sea Of Love

A Sea Of Love

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By Wilfrid Lupano & Gregory Panaccione. Published by Magnetic Press & Lion Forge.

Hardcover, 224 pages, Colour, 2018.


  • -Best U.S. Edition of International Material
  • -Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Gregory Panaccione)
  • -Best Publication Design

he planet is covered by it.
Water… and Love.

When an old fisherman fails to return after a storm, his doting wife goes on a madcap adventure across the ocean to find him.

Each morning, a frail, old, bespectacled fisherman heads out to sea, leaving his doting, matronly wife at home patiently caring for the house, awaiting his return in the evening. But one evening he doesn’t come home, instead accidentally snared by a much larger, industrial fishing trawler that absentmindedly carries him across the Atlantic.

Back home, the village wonders what might have happened, assuming his death, but his wife refuses to give up hope. She consults a fortune teller who sees his visage in a crepe . . . alive in Cuba. Convinced her husband is still alive, she sets off on an improbable mission to save him.

Completely wordless, this heartwarming and often hilarious adventure is a testament to not only the power of sequential storytelling, but the power of love itself.

Stephan Franck, Animation Director


Sea Of Love is a feast of breathtaking scale and delicious irony. It finds beauty and compassion in the small, absurdity in the gigantic, and all throughout, LOVE remains the ultimate metric—a sort of speed of light, if you will. It never wavers and nothing in the world can touch it.

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