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A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching

A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching

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*This is not a comic! But the author also makes comics! 

By Rosemary Mosco. Published by Workman.

Paperback, 240 pages, Colour, 2021.

Pigeons coo, peck and nest all over the world, yet most of us treat them with indifference or disdain. So Rosemary Mosco, a bird-lover, science communicator, writer, and cartoonist (and co-author of The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid) is here to give the pigeon's image a makeover, and to help every town- and city-dweller get closer to nature by discovering the joys of birding through pigeon-watching.

With this quirky but scientifically correct field guide to the most common bird in most cities, you'll learn to see pigeons and doves with a bird-watcher's expertise, understanding their (fascinating) behavior and appreciating nature right outside your window. 

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