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A Frog in the Fall (and later on)

A Frog in the Fall (and later on)

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By Linnea Sterte. Published by Peow Studio. 

Hardcover, 330-ish pages, Monochrome, 2022. 

A young frog (hatched this spring) encounters two toads, who have captured the ghost of a Shungiku flower that withered and died just recently. The spirit yearns for the tropics and so do the two toads. The frog decides to follow them on their journey south. It’s a slice of seasonal life for a frog who experiences everything for the first time. Along the way, the frog has encounters with mice, cats, dogs, trees, persimmons, and other beings. Lessons are learned, and thoughts are exchanged. A meditative road trip, a contemplation on life in general.

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