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A Favorable Wind on Full Sails

A Favorable Wind on Full Sails

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By Arantoochika. Published by Glacier Bay Books. 

Softcover, 156 pages, B&W, 2023. 

A5 | 3 color cover | 1 spot printing text

[156] pages of beautiful and tremulous youth comics. A young artist informed by the Gekiga masters, this is a book for lovers of Seiichi Hayashi, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Shinichi Abe, Tadao Tsuge, Osamu Kanno: artists mining from an expressive, personal vein.

Collects several self-published works, as well as stories issued in alternative manga magazine Kakuu. Arantoochika was previously published in Glaeolia volume 1.
This release will include the artist’s afterword, as well as commentary by Fukumoto Masahisa and an additional note from the publisher.

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